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About Loule

Loule is a traditional Portuguese market town that is one of the most popular day trips of the central Algarve region. Loule makes for an enjoyable excursion, as it provides interesting historic monuments, a lively market and a traditional Portuguese atmosphere.

Loule has a pretty town centre of busy shopping streets, tree lined plazas and narrow cobbled side-streets. The town?s focal point is the Moorish inspired covered market, and this market on Saturdays expands to include the surrounding streets. Other sights in Loule include the Museu Municipal (and the ?castle?), the Concei??o chapel with its beautiful tiles and the Esp?rito Santo convent complex.

Loule is a relaxed and unhurried destination that offers great shopping and a selection of interesting tourist attractions, all set around a delightful town centre. Loule is one of the only destinations in the Algarve whose sole focus is not tourism, it is a town full of ordinary Portuguese going about their day lives.

Loule was an important Moorish city (8-12century) and remnants of this North African heritage can be seen throughout the town in either the historic monuments (the castle, Saint Clemente bell tower) or more modern structures such as the market.

Loule market is housed in a large covered market that was constructed in 2007 and key design elements of the building were inspired by North African designs. Inside the market there are family run stalls selling local grown or sourced produce which include fish, foods, fabrics and gifts. The market is shut on Sundays. On Saturday mornings the gypsy market is held to the west of the old town makes the town come alive with the sounds, sights and aromas of a busy market. This is a gypsy market so expect a diverse selection of items for sale ranging from craft gifts through to old junk.

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