About Madeira

I love Madeira. We love Madeira.

Marie and I really do love the place enormously. We first came here in 2005 and with one year as an exception we have returned every year since. We have a time-share studio flate at the Pestana Village ApartHotel in Funchal. Ours is a top floor flat so it has a view across Funchal Harbour and a good view of the Hotel Gardens. It is a little haven of beauty and quiet. Not that the island or city is noisy but this place has a clam of its own. When we go there it feels like we are going home.

As much as I have seen of the island the eye just never tires of seeing it again. There are just so many different shapes and colours that it can be almost too much to take in at first sight.

There is almost no flat land except up on the high central plateau so buildings are all at different heights and angles to each other as they mould or adapt to the contours of the hills. Some houses are fairly conventionally arranged; ground floor is at road level; but for some the road is at the top or above the house. The main road may be elevated on pylons with with interchanges up above a valley or neighbourhood. There is an air of chaotic elegence I think. And all of it is born out of practicality.

The best way to see some of this is go for yourself, then take a cable car ride up to Monte.

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